Monday, August 25, 2014

CozyFonts Foundry

...Tuning back in here's the first 4 font families from CozyFonts Foundry!
Aladdin Bold & Aladdin Bold Italic - Mideastern glyphs influenced for Arabic style characters.

Noodlerz & Noodlerz Italic - Handwritten fonts. A cross between a typewriter & a sharpie.

Skratchbook, Skratchbbok Italic, & Skratchbook Back Italic - hand scratched for righties or lefties.

Toms Finger, Toms Thumb & Toms Pinky - Created all by finger here's 3 weights for 3 feels.

All these fonts are available from several font bureaus, check the site under CozyFonts!

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