Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Go Greenies!!!'s a fun logo I dreamed up for the wonderful Bay Family and their commitment to a greener, more sustainable future, through introducing and representing 'green' products and devices through their online store and services. After a few logo sketches presented to Chris Bay, their young and passionate CEO, this was the standout choice. This had the most 'human touch' of all.
We're all rootin' for the Bays success! -TN

Beer of the Month

...some of you may know that I've been branding the micro-beer 'Firemans Brew' for a few years now. Like any upstart, it's been a challenge, but with a great tasting 3 beers and dedicated partners and associates we're breaking through!
Our 'Brewnette Dark' has been named 'Beer of the Month' by the Los Angeles Times.
We're extremely proud of that achievement and what makes it more satisfying is being able to give back. Our founder is a working California Firefighter and we give a percentage of our profits to benefit the NFFF ( National Fallen Firefighters Foundation). -TN

Show Man...

...being asked to create a logo for another creative can be a daunting task at best. When long time friend Kenn Lubin phoned from NYC, where he's been creating displays for Broadway for over 30 years, my first thought was...'what style lettering do I employ to capture this man's varied and colorful career?'...the answer was in his face! -TN

Spirited Indeed...

yet another Wally Minko produced 'must have', 'Rhythm Spirit' by drum man Kalani is charged.
A djembe expert, world music teacher, motivator, rhythm devotee and performer this record keeps ya movin'...can't sit still when the drums star till they finish. Superbly Produced by both Wally Minko and Kalani, this whole record delivers. I loved creating the total design and illustration for this package !!-TN

The Infinite Trumpeter...

This package, for Malcolm McNab's latest record, was a labor of love and a journey to capture the appropriate imagery for this very special musical gem. The Infinite Trumpet, produced by Gary Grant, goes where trumpets haven't before. Malcolm had the brilliant idea of performing the violin parts of these Classical Compositions, set in 19th Century Europe, all for trumpet. Accompanied by pianist/extraordinaire Ayke Agus, assistant to Jascha Heifetz, this record delivers on so many levels. Congrats Maestro, you sir are a treasure!! -TN

definitely, "Don't Hold Your Breath"...

T R U M P E T you ask? This man is a genius player/producer. Gary Grant is in the Who's Who of Music Giants. I loved creating this CD package and Gary is a Prince. This record is airtight!! -TN

On the subject of music...

...while on the subject of music, one of my favorite areas to create art for, I'd like to share these next 4 projects with you. Wally Minko's 'Do You Hear What I Hear?', holiday album...a must hear from this writer, producer, composer, performer par excellance...did I mention his stellar disposition? They don't come any better than this


Player, the 1970s-80s rockers, recently performed for an adoring crowd in Palm Springs. I was lucky enough to create this logo for them and their first album cover. I'm glad they are still using it...wear it well guys!!!-TN

San Francisco

...another vintage sighting in the World Series, is this script/logo I created for the Bay Area Champs way back, before I learned how to work digitally, yes, we used to create these pieces by hand, one stroke ata time:) It's been part of their warm up jackets and batting jerseys for sometime now.
SF was the first city I lived in California and there's no place like it!!-TN