Tuesday, November 18, 2014

JAZZ + JAVA 2014

   The Jingle Bell Jazz + Java Christmas Celebration at Calvary Church in West Hills, California.
I sincerely hope if any of you love jazz and the holiday season, you won't want to miss
Here's my 5th poster for Wally Minko & Company for Calvary Church.
   Wally is a grammy nominee multi talented music director, composer+arranger who plays a mean grand piano front and center as he conducts the jazz orchestra and choir in this MUST EXPERIENCE event this Dec.14th, 2014.

Toys for Kids

Here's a poster I designed for our Fireman's Brew Annual 'Toys for Kids' drive. Last year we partnered with California Pizza Kitchen and this year with Boys and Girls Club of San Fernando Valley & our local Westhills Pizza Company!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New-Posterface Family Font

Introducing 'Posterface Font Family'-New from my CozyFonts Foundry. Posterface currently exists in 6 font variations, i.e. Posterface Regular, Italic, Condensed, Extended and Posterface Sans & Sans Condensed. Just released this week, here's the intro image of the Regular...

Check out all the posters for each variation and inspect each glyph if you like. Lots of hard work and long hours drawing, building, kerning, testing and finalizing this family.

Check it out!
It has an Industrial/Vintage feel. I created it out of a need to have a a font that would work well in tight horizontal spaces. When designing an ad or label or poster this typeface maintains presence in the limited space where you need to have an outstanding headline, title or caption.

Thanks for checking in!