Monday, August 25, 2014

CozyFonts Foundry

...Tuning back in here's the first 4 font families from CozyFonts Foundry!
Aladdin Bold & Aladdin Bold Italic - Mideastern glyphs influenced for Arabic style characters.

Noodlerz & Noodlerz Italic - Handwritten fonts. A cross between a typewriter & a sharpie.

Skratchbook, Skratchbbok Italic, & Skratchbook Back Italic - hand scratched for righties or lefties.

Toms Finger, Toms Thumb & Toms Pinky - Created all by finger here's 3 weights for 3 feels.

All these fonts are available from several font bureaus, check the site under CozyFonts!

Back Blogging

Hi again,
Thanks for being patient ...just wanting to let you know my Blog is back even though I've never left.

For starters I began my venture into font design, which you may think is a natural segue for a designer who specializes in typographic design and illustration. To me it always was an attraction and so I dove in head first by creating a new logo for my new venture, CozyFontsFoundry.

Q: Why the name CozyFonts?
A: Cozy is a childhood nickname started by my longtime bandmate and song writing partner Mike Garrigan who was nicknamed 'Beefboy" by one Jon Bon Jovi who Mike worked for.
Cozy being short for Nikosey (pronounced: nick co zee).  When Mike and I established our music publishing company we named it CozyBeef Music. So it was fitting to name my foundry CozyFonts.